San Juan Bautista

Photo Jun 01, 4 12 27 PMIf you like a good history lesson with your libations, we have seamlessly infused Japanese, Mexican and Spanish flavors in our latest Casa Dragones Blanco cocktail, the San Juan Bautista.

The cocktail is named after a great Japanese galleon (the first Japanese ship made in Spanish-galleon style) containing emissaries and samurais sent out into the world to formally establish trade relations. She transported a Japanese diplomatic mission of 180 people during the first leg of their trip to the Vatican as envoys to Pope Paul V,  accompanied by the Spanish friar Luis Sotelo. The San Juan also touched down in Mexico on a separate voyage, and was later sold to the Spanish Navy. Today, a replica sits on the shores of Ishinomaki, in northern Japan, close to the location where she was originally constructed.

The cocktail is inspired by what you’d find in a cucumber roll, with elements of Mexico: fresh cucumber juice, wasabi infused agave, rice vinegar, a ginger salt rim, and (of course) tequila. In an effort to move away from lemon, lime, or orange, we’ve added acid by way of grapefruit juice.

Spicy, smokey, and refreshing. Your summer just got a whole lot more interesting.