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By Ben Shelton
January 21, 2015

New York, NY – Salinas in Chelsea is the secret romantic hideaway every man in New York needs to have in his back pocket. Valentine’s Day gives this “contemporary Spanish” restaurant the chance to literally blossom with its famous red, Ecuadorian roses. So famous, in fact, that husband and wife proprietors Donald and Mary Catherine Mikula have had to include a disclaimer on the menu for diners consistently wishing to gift themselves with a handful of the rare blooms.

Chef Luis Bollo, a San-Sebastian native, is preparing a six course, $125 prix fixe menu that focuses on aphrodisiacs with a Spanish twist.

The Salinas experience consistently fires on all pistons, surrounding diners with a curated playlist of the latest tunes from Ibiza, as well as the rare NYC existence of a substantial fireplace.

For reservations: Make a reservation on Open Table or call 212.776.1990

(To ensure availability, please include the note “Valentine’s Day 2015” in your reservation).

About Salinas:

Salinas is a unique and vibrant award-winning restaurant in the heart of West Chelsea serving the full culinary experience of Spain. Opened on June 8th of 2010, Salinas specializes in both traditional and inventive tapas as well as regional main course dishes. Salinas has received several accolades, including a 2-star rating by the New York Times.

About Chef Bollo:

Chef Luis Bollo, is a co-owner of Salinas and native of San Sebastian in the heart of Basque Country. He focuses on traditional, rustic cooking to introduce lesser-known dishes from the regions of the Spanish Mediterranean. His early training in numerous Michelin star rated restaurants throughout Spain as well as extensive family recipes passed down through the generations, form the inspiration for Salinas cuisine.


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